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Zephyli, singular zephyl, are a race of flying monkeys native to Lezaria. They are typically around four feet tall and roughly humanoid in shape, with long prehensile tails. They have wings that have fur on the top and feathers on the underside.[1] Although the fur colors vary in many shades of brown and gray, the feathers are sexually dimorphic, with females having silver feathers and males having gold.[2]

The zephyli originated in the cherry forests of Thalarey, where they shared psychic dreams with the El'dari who slept within the trees for many millennia.[3] This aided in their culture and development, and the language they use in the modern day, Zephylian, is a corrupted version of the ancient Tinean tongue. Many zephyli were killed by Chaos cultists while trying to protect the cherries.[4] After the El'dari were awakened from their long slumber, the two peoples jointly built the city of Eldamar.[5]

The capital and cultural center of the zephyl people is located in the city of Crinmar. Other cities within the cherry forests are Ramar and Camar. Some zephyli have migrated to other worlds and set up new settlements upon them, such as Graymar.[6]