The Zarnith is a powerful magical sword.

The Zarnith is, without a doubt, the most powerful artifact from Lezaria, and debatably the most powerful in the universe. It was forged by Zarnith Chelseer the First, who bound his own soul to the sword and had his daughter kill him with it. He was an old man, and achieved near-immortality in the sword. The Zarnith was passed down from generation to generation, many of the Chelseers choosing likewise to bind themselves to the sword so that when they died, their children would grow in power. It passed through the hands of greats like Tahnmilot and Telkarnith Chelseer before finally falling to Hawthorne, the first female to have ever been born to the Firstborn line of the Chelseers, and the Zarnith's most powerful wielder.

Due to the introduction of a proliferation of twins to the Firstborn line after the Ten Generation Day, the Zarnith now had a choice of which descendant to support. While few of these new Chelseers chose to bound themselves to the sword, the Zarnith resided for a time in the possession of Keliole, Anara, Lexen, and Streyka. It became very picky, and would disappear from the possession of one deemed unworthy, and appear unexpectedly with another.

During the time before the Planar Wars, the Zarnith remained in the possession of Hawthorne for a long time. Due to Morring Chelseer, a new drow line of Firstborn Chelseers was created. During the War of Planar Dominance, the Zarnith resided in the possession of Azale Shadowhand for several months, before Azale gave up the sword, which then went to the possession of Keolah.

Keolah returned the Zarnith to Hawthorne again after the competition, who bore it for two years before attaining demonhood. The Zarnith, disliking demons, abandoned her at the worst possible moment and chose a new heir, this time Theryn.

At the Third Competition, Zarnith decided to become a person instead of an inanimate object again. Then he wound up being a sword again.

The Zarnith's current bearer is Kosuke.

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