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Zarhian is a language group spoken by the wood elves and song elves of Lezaria. It is derived from the ancient Tinean tongue. Although of common origin, modern Zarhian has diverged considerably from Old Zarhian, and has split into three distinct branches, Western, Central, and Eastern.

Central Zarhian

  • Taverak is spoken in Taverak, although it's debated whether it should be considered a Central or Western Zarhian tongue.
  • Thalarian

Eastern Zarhian

  • Isserbian is spoken in Isserb.
  • Kedresidan is spoken in Kedresida, and is derived from the peasant tongue.
  • Rascalanse is spoken in Rascalanse, brought to Kalor by the Kedresidan exiles.

Western Zarhian

  • Corvarian is spoken in Corvar, and has been heavily influenced by Tominian. Eastern elves do not consider it a part of the Zarhian family.
  • Noralian is spoken in Noraley, and is considered by Eastern elves to be a degenerate, bastardized tongue.