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Wilderplane is one of the Seven Planes in the Elkandu Universe.

The heart of Wilderplane is made up of a closeknit region of countries known as the Civilized Realms around the Inner Sea, presently firmly under the control of the New Alliance. Circling the Civilized Realms is the remnants of the Barrier, which once regulated magic use within the Realms, but is now non-functional. Beyond the Barrier lies the Wilderness, which is sparsely inhabited, which stretches to the Sea of Doom. The Sea of Doom forms a vast ring around the central continent, before giving way to land again. In the northwest part of the land past the Sea of Doom lies the region known as Doomreign, in which Sedder's Chasm is located. Doomreign and the other outlying regions are only nominally under the control of the New Alliance. Within the northwestern Wilderness lies City in the Trees. Kelletirandia is the largest city on Wilderplane, at the heart of the Civilized Realms.

In the beginning, Wilderplane was a vast, untamed Wilderness stretching endlessly in all directions. Elves and centaurs of all sorts were the main inhabitants of the Wilderness, but other races began making an appearance as well. Civilization began to flourish around the Inner Sea, and races formed their own countries, and a series of bitter racewars began. After many generations of fighting, a pact was finally made to end the fighting once and for all. A group of the most powerful wizards in Wilderplane set about to create a huge field over the central realms, a barrier to prevent certain types of magic from being used within it. It was safety for the people of the Civilized Realms, and was more symbolic than actually functional, as the spell didn't work as well as the wizards had hoped. There was peace in the Civilized Realms, by the pact and their new laws, and disputes were settled by duels taking place in the arenas that were built in most major cities.

The rise and fall of the drow of Wilderplane began to shake the law of the Civilized Realms, for the drow were violent and cruel, and often refused to abide by the law. Wars began to break out again, and the Planar Wars shook the foundations of Wilderplane civilization. The Barrier was broken during that time, never to be repaired. Even long after the Planar Wars were over, battles and skirmishes still sprang up within the Civilized Realms. Finally, a wild elf Mind Mage named Corvus Corax, with the help of the golden dragon Scregor, united all of Wilderplane under the banner of the New Alliance.