Water Magic, sometimes known as hydromancy or rarely, aquamancy, is the Talent of creating and manipulating water. As an elemental Talent, it is common and not highly regarded among the High Elkandu.

While Water is fairly straightforward at first glance, lesser known abilities allow manipulation of any liquid, not merely water. This includes Poison Magic and Blood Magic that could be considered subsets of Water.

The aura color of Water is deep blue to bluish-green, and its gemstone is the sapphire.

Notable Water Mages include:

Talents Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Frost, Lightning, Healing, Death, Soul, Change, Seeking, Security, Motion, Illusion, Mind, Dream, Speech, Time, Void, Catalysm
Spells Teleportation, Soulfire
Concepts Aura, Mana, Node, Soul, Gemstones, Runes
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