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Vistri Lenoreth Antaves is a three-eyed mutant Til'dari, born on the world of Til'raine circa three million years before present.

Vistri's was born in 1605, Age of the Monkey Ascendant, according to the Til'dari calendar. His parents were Finaro and Sirin Tialith Antaves. His father, Finaro, died before he was born. His mother, Sirin was forced to register him as a pet, since as a mutant, he was not considered a person. He was educated by Lantara Minthor Enores.[1]

In 1625, Vistri found a mutant infant abandoned near his home, and the boy was named Korren, and taken in by the Antaves household. Vistri visited the palace in 1643, and made an appearance before the council.[2]

Vistri is now the last known survivor of the Til'dari people. Although the El'dari are technically the same species, the Til'dari placed high value in the time and place of one's birth, and so only those actually born on Til'raine are Til'dari. As Til'raine has been destroyed, there will be no more Til'dari. Vistri was born a mutant, already an outcast among his people, with an extra eye in the center of his forehead. He went on to be greatly influential in history, when he appeared in it.

During the destruction of Vel'kira, Vistri saved a number of mutants from the collapsing plane, and brought them to Terra, where they became the ancestors of mankind.[3] After Caine was cursed by Gaia, he gave his blood to the newly made vampire, along with much of his power.[4]

For long millennia, Vistri disappeared and wandered the multiverse alone, until he was eventually located and brought home by Melaran, Tarna, and Vicky.[5] From there, he reunited with Caine once again, and was embraced as Caine's childe.