Vel'kira was an artificial plane constructed by Til'dari wizards hoping to provide a new home for their people upon the collapse of Til'raine. It size and extent is unknown. The plane had no sun or other heavenly bodies as such common to all places on it, but each city had its own setup. Tiny suns and moons revolved around some cities or hovered perpetually in the sky above them, giving the illusion of time passing and being on a real world.

Every major city had a Nexus in it, which could be used to provide transportation to any other Nexus. When Vel'kira collapsed, many of these Nexi survived.

Vel'kira was unstable from the moment of its creation, perhaps corrupted by the very influence that destroyed Til'raine, but it lasted for millions of years before a cascade event caused it, too, to collapse.

The remnants of Vel'kira survive as the Seven Planes and some of the other worlds the Elkandu live on.

Cities on Vel'kira:

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