True vampires are a second-tier ascension focused upon Blood Magic. Their natural form tends to be similar to whatever form they had previously, although typically more beautiful and with fangs. True vampires are not undead, nor vulnerable to sunlight, nor do they require drinking blood to stay alive. They do, however, have a thirst for blood, which will grant them power and strength, but isn't required for their survival. They also regenerate rapidly and are better at using Blood Magic, in particular they are able to bond more people at once.

Undead vampires are created by feeding vampire blood to a corpse, whether from a true vampire or another undead vampire. The less diluted the blood is from the original Blood Mage, the stronger the new vampire will be. These vampires require a regular intake of blood to stay alive, and are vulnerable to sunlight like many undead. The act of creating a new vampire typically creates a form of blood bond between the sire and the fledgeling, especially if the sire was a Blood Mage to begin with.

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