Serriya Wiki has been undergoing some major overhauls and expansions lately, and is in the process of shifting over into a new continuity. Some pages may still refer to events in the Paradox timeline, which, after the events of Stormseeker: Nexus of Shadows is no longer the Prime timeline. Notably, some contradictions are being resolved and events and characters introduced by unwelcome contributors are being excised. (Namely, Keolah's exes). The latter should only affect events during the Rogue Winds era and later.

Preparations for NaNoWriMo 2017 are underway. The novel in question will be Nexus of the Ancients, and will cover the events originally covered in Quest for the Rings and later Nexus Seeker, namely the discovery of the Nexus of Torn Elkandu and the founding of the Elkandu. We'll be looking into ebook publication upon its completion, provided Keolah actually finishes it this time and is happy with it and doesn't decide to rewrite it yet again.

Watch this space for more exciting updates. Or not. Whichever.

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