Torn Elkandu is the home city and headquarters of the group of planeswalking mages known as the Elkandu. Though they did not construct it themselves, they discovered it in 4323 of the Lezarian calendar. It was originally constructed by the Vel'dari, as the city of Til'aris, before the collapse of Vel'kira. Although the Elkandu believe Torn Elkandu to be the center of the universe, its Nexus is not even unique, since there was one in every major city on Vel'kira.


Keolah Kedaire and her companions discovered the entrance to Torn Elkandu on Lezaria in 4323, although they did not initially know how to use it. They had to scour the countryside for books that might help them understand what they'd found, their quest eventually leading them to uncover the long-lost Tinean books.

Unbeknownst to Keolah, she'd been manipulated onto her course by Sardill, who sought to open up the Nexus for his own use, and did not know where the defunct Wizard's Guild had hidden the Tinean books.


Although originally the Nexi of Vel'kira were only capable of transporting people to another Nexus, the one in Torn Elkandu was modified in order to allow people to use it to teleport to anywhere in the multiverse that they could properly visualize or had the coordinates for. Effectively, they were using it to enhance their teleportation magic. Additionally, they tied magical beacons to the Nexus through their soul, to allow them to Recall to the Nexus at any time from almost anywhere.

Worlds of the Elkandu
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