Thalarey (Zarhian: Forest Country) is a country located in southern Zarhanna, on the world of Lezaria. It is bound on the west by Taverak across the Mountains of Morderant, on the north by Garateck and Reezahn, and on the east by Kedresida across the Kedresidon Mountains.

Thalarey is home to the primary settlements of Zephyli on Lezaria. Along the coast lie the song elf cities of Valiesdore and Desahn Deruna. North of the Mountains of Morderant, on the border to Taverak, lies Lezaria's capital city, Tinemocun, although it is technically not a part of either country for political reasons.

The fabled cherry forests of Lezaria are located in Thalarey, where unbeknownst to most, the El'dari slumbered for many millennia. Following their awakening, they founded the city of Eldamar within the cherry forests along with the Zephyli who had long protected them and lived amongst them.

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