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Tempest was one of the factions of the Elkandu during the Planar Wars and the War of Planar Dominance.

The faction now known as Tempest was founded by a group of former Drakandu members before the Planar Wars. Their original leader was Ghrike, the hill orc illusionist. Tempest fought hard against the tyranny of Darkhammer during the Planar Wars. But it was a group of rogue Tempests led by Rhuan that, without the knowledge of the rest of Tempest, created the Wheel of Chaos.

After Tenlands was freed from the chaos fields in 4814, Ishane Daiceln and a number of others worked to regroup and set up a new headquarters in the castle of Shieltas. Their primary goals are currently toward freedom and individuality, and preventing unjust tyrants from ruling the Planes.

Tempest virtually scattered and collapsed following many of its members taking refuge in Timeline Linear-Beta, and never really recovered until those members returned. With a smoothly executed coup, Darkhammer was backstabbed and destroyed from within, and Tempest took control of the Planes. Conclave subsequently surrendered to them, winning Tempest the War of Planar Dominance.

With no one left to fight and no desire to actually rule anything, Tempest fell apart.

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