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Telkarnith Chelseer is a wood elf hero from Lezaria.


Telkarnith was born in the village of Wishingsdale in 4196, the home of the Chelseer family. His parents were Zarnith Chelseer III and Tevriel Chelseer. He was the oldest of three siblings, with a brother named Kior and a sister named Kaymellor. His father and sister died when he was young from a terrible fever.

He was always an adventurous boy, regularly leaving the safety of Rascalanse to explore the countryside. It was during one such journey that he met Donna Farmer as a child, who would later be the love of his life. He learned shamanism from Donna's father, Marvel Farmer, and to respect life and the world around him.

During another adventure, Telkarnith found a wolf cub whose mother had died, and adopted the cub and named him Helkhar, who seemed far more intelligent than any normal wolf. He later discovered that Helkhar was a werewolf.

Telkarnith was roped into an arranged marriage to a song elf named Thalayal, and although he did not love her, he sired an heir with her, Shaznith Chelseer. With Donna, he produced a half-elf son by the name of Sarril Farmer. Thalayal, for her part, did not mind Telkarnith's disinterest in her, as she was herself more attracted to Helkhar. Thalayal and Helkhar had two children together, who were known to the public as Telkarnith's own children. But both Telkarnith and Thalayal had blue eyes, while the children shared Helkhar's green eyes.

Telkarnith was devastated when Donna was kidnapped and transformed into a vampire by Vadrak. He spent decades battling the evil vampire, eventually meeting his end at the vampire's hands. Shaznith took up his family's sword to avenge his father, but could not kill the vampire. Instead, he used the Zarnith's power to trap Vadrak in the catacombs beneath the citadel of Westraldine.


His primary Talent is Security Magic, although he was gifted with the ability to speak with animals by the horse god, Redger. He also learned some minor Healing Magic. He is skilled with the use of a sword, but thinks of himself as a shaman and prefers not to have to use it.