Teleportation is the movement of people or objects across distances without crossing the intervening space. It generally falls under the Talent of Motion Magic, although certain variations of it can fall under Dream Magic or Void Magic. When used to move people over long distances, it is called Travelling.

The mechanics of teleportation involve skimming along the Veil or just barely dipping into the Ethereal Plane. The Dream Magic variant requires dropping even further into the Ethereal Plane at least as far as the Dreamworld, and since few people can do it, people rarely ward against it. The Void Magic variant involves leaving the Ethereal Plane entirely and crossing into the Void to reach one's destination. This generally can't be warded against, and it is the only type of teleportation capable of independently reaching another universe. However, the people capable of using Void teleportation could be counted on one hand.

Talents Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Frost, Lightning, Healing, Death, Soul, Change, Seeking, Security, Motion, Illusion, Mind, Dream, Speech, Time, Void, Catalysm
Spells Teleportation, Soulfire
Concepts Aura, Mana, Node, Soul, Gemstones, Runes
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