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Taverak is a country on the southern coast of Zarhanna, on the world of Lezaria. It is home to the largest concentration of song elves on Lezaria.


The terrain is largely open plains, with scattered patches of forests and small mountains. It is bound on the west by Noraley across the River Tangor, on the north by Garateck, on the east by Thalarey across the Mountains of Morderant, and on the south by the Mirandarine Ocean. In the midst of the Tangor lies the island of Evra Jeven, which is not technically under the jurisdiction of any country.

The primary cities in Taverak are Razelten along the southeastern coast, Azar in the mountains north of Razelten, and Rimmie in the woodlands on the banks of the Tangor. The former city of the Windriders, Tentisalu, is located at the mouth of the Vevelanamp, although the Windriders abandoned the city in 2300 and it was later repopulated after the ghosts that haunted it were exorcised.[1] A smaller mountain range called the Valesantha lies northeast of Tentisalu.

The River Vevelanamp has two major tributaries, the South Danrik and North Danrik. The stream of Cadrek flows down from Mount Erendin into the North Danrik.[2]


The village of Teneren on the slopes of Mount Erendin, located northeast of Rimmie, holds a particular place in legend as the birthplace of Therrin, the founder of the Windriders.[3]

Taverak has frequently had problems with dragons. The dragon Karth was driven off by the Windrider, Perrin.[4] The dragon Scregor burned a great swath of the Taverak fields before being slain with Elwin's Pike in an expedition led by Elen the Excellent.[2]