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Shieltas is a heavily warded castle on Mezulbryst.

Shieltas is located on the former site of the Abyss, almost due north of Ameliel, along the River Acheron.

Shieltas was built by Suzcecoz circa 4500, intended as a place where demons and mortals could live together in peace. A city was built around a grand castle on the south edge of the mouth of the Abyss. It was ruined during the Planar Wars by hordes of demons.

In 4813, Suzcecoz rebuilt Shieltas with the help of Azale, as a focus for the Shadowlight Candle. This time, Suzcecoz added regenerative runes, allowing the city to repair itself. It became the headquarters for Tempest not long afterward, the Abyss having been moved.