Rascalanse is a small elven kingdom tucked away in the Thorndelle Mountains of Kalor, on the world of Lezaria. It is heavily forested, and occupied by at least four villages: Wishingsdale, Ordenburg, Lolonder, and Eddinburrow.


Rascalanse was founded generations ago by remnants of the deposed royal family of Kedresida, their relatives, retainers, and supporters. It was hidden and protected by magic, to prevent retaliation and assassination attempts. Few know that the kingdom even exists, never mind where it is.


Rascalanse speaks a unique variant of Eastern Zarhian. While closely related to Kedresidan, it has diverged since the exiles' arrival in Kalor. There are several notable differences in vocabulary and pronunciation. Unlike most Zarhian language, Rascalanse has retained the dental fricatives "th" and "dh".

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