Port Fins is a port city on the northern coast of Hannaderres, on the world of Lezaria. It lies in the valley of Tanivalis on the shore of the Mirandarine Ocean, and is the closest city on continental Kalor to the island nation of Unar.


Being home to the largest population of teppers on Lezaria gives Port Fins a unique culture not unlike that of Edron in some ways. Exposed skin is considered taboo, and all resident teppers are required by law to wear gloves when outside their homes.[1]


Port Fins was founded primarily by survivors from the destruction of the city of Aurora.[2]

In 4215, Telkarnith Chelseer and his compansion stayed briefly at Morn's Inn. The barmaid, Alisha Brewer, was murdered, and Telkarnith's werewolf friend, Helkhar, was questioned about her death. The group then moved to the Silver Spoon Inn until they were run out of town by angry guards.[1]

Angelita Castrani, the most powerful tepper from Lezaria, was born in Port Fins in 4785.


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