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Lomolen Winddrifter Shadowhand is a half-drow Illusionist and the rebirth of Sedder.

His drow mother was kidnapped and raped by a Windrider, who then sought to raise Lomolen in the Windrider ways after killing his mother. Lomolen became bound to the golden griffin Cantori in 4807. He tried to adopt the Windrider ways, and learned of the honor and traditions all elves shared before they were split. He and Azale were first cousins, but they were as close as brothers. In 4810, he swore a blood oath of vengeance against his father for what he did to his mother. Lomolen fulfilled that oath in 4811 when he slew his Windrider father.

In 4813, he assisted in the war between Ameliel and Schade on Mezulbryst.[1] After briefly betraying Riven Soulfire for Nero, he then swore a blood oath of loyalty to Riven in an attempt to break his soul's habits of betrayal. He met Adrienna and became involved with her. He joined Tempest in 4814, following up Sedder's membership in the Drakandu.

Sedder's personality became more and more dominant, however, leading to internal conflict within him. Following Adrienna's death and Min's appearance, it took over entirely. Sedder sold his soul to Min in order to become a demon, and for power. Sometime afterward, Sedder and Min signed up for Shazmar's classes in magic.

Sedder won the Illusion Magic event at the competition, and spent his wish on power. In 4816, he and Min were dropped from the magic class due to their poor attentiveness, and they went to work with Jami in Hell.

During the War of the Interdimensional Bridge, an alternate version of him showed up, which he merged with.[2] This, however, caused some serious problems with the personality balance in his mind. Although cleansed of demonhood, Sedder's personality kept Lomolen on lockdown.

He fell in love at first sight with the kitsune Fantasia and made a deal with Jez'kai to possess her. The two of them married and took up residence on Tijuana, and had several children: Kosuke, Michiko, the twins Kiyoshi and Takeshi, and Daitan.

When Fantasia's mother, Bai Mianxi, learned of this, her wrath was devastating. Inari separated the two personalities and sent the demonic one back to Mezulbryst, leaving Lomolen in control of his own body for the first time in decades.