Lezaria (Zarhian, "Ever-singing place") is a habitable world orbiting the sun Yallia. It has two moons, Halladan and Thondorron. It is the location of the hardpoint gate from Torn Elkandu to the Material Plane, and the birthplace of the Elkandu.

Lezaria's orbital period is approximately 336 local days, which are 28 hours long.


Lezaria consists of three continents: Zarhanna, Kalor, and Albrynnia; and two major island chains: the Sunrise Islands, and Domgad-Festig. Zarhanna, in the north, is the largest continent, and Albrynnia, in the south, is the smallest.


In ancient times, an El'dari colony existed on the world, then known as Silthor, or 'Sil'thor.

Lezaria was colonized by people from Terra in the 22nd century AD, who came in four jumpships that set down in different parts of the world. All contact with the homeworld was quickly lost following a war with the Necrons. The situation was exacerbated by problems with the cryo-stasis units on board three of the four colony ships, which caused memory problems in the new colonists.

Centuries later, the births of Sardill, Harmony, and Amanda set off the events of the War of Transformation, and the creation of many of the races of Lezaria, including the elves, dwarves, gnomes, and teppers.

Millennia later, the scattered civilizations of Lezaria finally came together again to form the Wizards' Guild. This heralded the start of the Lezarian calendar, and marks the Year 1.

Lezaria was invaded by Chaos during the events of the Interdimensional Bridge.

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