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Lexen Chelseer, called the Stormseeker, is a Time Mage who lived in the Paradox Timeline.

Lexen was born in 4390 to Anara Chelseer and Anakin Skywalker.

He joined Tempest during the Planar Wars, to which he remained loyal even after being trapped in chaos. While still in chaos, he was taken by Maple, who ended up using his powers to assist Keolah in reconstructing planes. He managed to get off a telepathic signal back to Tempest, and was retrieved by Riven.

After some timeline hopping, he ended up leader of Tempest by default for a while, until Ishane's return. He won the Lightning Magic at the competition and wished for Beer Magic. He then proceeded to flood Castle Shieltas with alcohol.

Lexen was wished sane again at one of the competitions, by Anara, and immune to the negative affects of alcohol.

Lexen died in 4847 following Jami wrecking his mind. Angelita destroyed his mind and absorbed his power to spare him from that torment.

Another version of him returned during the Temporal Convergence.

In another alternate timeline, Sardill forced him onto a long string of dimension hopping[1], with the ultimate goal of repairing the universe and preventing the rise of Jez'kai.[2] He invoked the Trayziak Tatalyar and split the universe, thus allowing him to work without Jez'kai's constraints and giving him a chance to retroactively put an end to the threat once and for all.[3]