Krizri Eorili was a human from the world of Lezaria. She was born in the city of Aurora to a man named Tlyralb.

In 2313, the wizard Azrutpla sent Krizri on a quest to enchant a pike. In doing so, she traveled across Kalor and visited Vlezbreag, where she met up with another wizard named Guar who assisted her. By Guar's instruction, Krizri recited words in Tinean at a series of stones in the Wagmog Swamp. The magic of the swamp was absorbed into the pike, giving it its dragonslaying properties.

After returning to Aurora, she married the knight Sir Dyvri, and had six children: Alfri, Tyejrolyi, Woyporgra, Phlez, Sculph, and Elwin. Alfri, her firstborn, married Phrer, and his children were Scaos, Lijrophli, and Skyler.

The black dragon Jeruph slew Krizri along with most of her family when he attacked Aurora in 2337. She died before she even had a chance to use the magical pike, but her youngest child Elwin took it up in her name and avenged her death.[1]


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