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Keolah Kedaire is an Elkandu of song elf descent. She is one of the founders of the Elkandu.


In Lezarian year 4309, Keolah was born in the city of Fehndarlai, on the world of Lezaria. Her parents were Kaymore Kedaire and Rezaline Isbar. She has an older sister named Kithere.

Keolah's coming was prophesied centuries before her birth, heralded as the Seeker, and an avatar of Truth, Faith, and Hope. Sardill felt her to be a threat, and in 4320, he ordered the Seeker abducted. As a grave error in judgment, he assumed the firstborn to have been the Seeker, when she was in fact, the second child.

After that, her family moved to Rascalanse, in hopes of escaping Sardill's persecution. But in 4323, he found them and massacred the entire village. Keolah, however, escaped to meet up with Hawthorne, and thereafter caused a good deal of trouble for Sardill.

In 4324, Sardill banished Keolah and her friends to the southern continent of Albrynnia, where they found the long-lost Tinean books. From there, she became one of the ten founders of the Elkandu.

Following the Elkandu Crisis, Keolah went to Kelletirandia with her husband, Vakis, and there bore Valerezal, who was actually the rebirth of Shazmar.[1]

During the Age of Rogue Winds, she became involved with Rhuan, Hawthorne, and Suzcecoz. After a lengthy interval of sitting things out, she returned to break the Wheel of Chaos, and spent a good deal of time repairing the damage from the Planar Wars.

She finally captured Rhuan and banished him from the universe forever in 4788. Thereafter, she allowed Riven to be reborn, and watched over his life with half an eye.

After Shazmar's return, she was able to focus on more personal matters again, and became involved with Jami, marrying him by mutual soul bond in 4816. Keolah was then hit by a paradox when Azale became a metamorph, causing him to no longer be her prebirth.

During the War of the Interdimensional Bridge, Keolah chose to follow Chaos Undivided.[2]


Keolah is an inborn Seeker, and the most powerful in known history. It is said that if Keolah cannot find something, it probably doesn't exist. Her secondary Talents are Earth and Fire.

She later learned the power of Creation, and made many worlds, most of which she later abandoned. Among her creations are the Pattern Realm and Serriya.


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