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For the user by the same name, see Keolah.

Keolah Kedaire is an Elkandu of song elf descent. She is one of the founders of the Elkandu.


In 4309, Keolah was born in the village of Ordenburg, on the world of Lezaria. Her parents were Kaymore Kedaire and Rezaline Isbar. She has an older sister named Kithere.

Upon the discover of Torn Elkandu in 4323, Keolah founded the Elkandu as an organization dedicated to the exploration of other worlds and the protection and maintenance of the Nexus.

During the First Faction War, she remained neutral as a member of the Rezalkandu.


Keolah is an inborn Seeker, and the most powerful in known history. She is capable of finding almost anything. It's said that if Keolah cannot find something, it probably doesn't exist. Her secondary Talents are Fire and Earth Magic.


Keolah had a strained relationship with her father, Kaymore, for being overprotective. Her mother, Rezaline, on the other hand, was more understanding and supportive.

Hawthorne is her closest and oldest friend among the Elkandu, and they'd been through everything together, even though Keolah is sometimes exasperated with her antics.

Keolah married the human Void Mage, Vakis, and had one child with him, Valerezal, who was actually an avatar of the trickster god, Shazmar.