Kalor is the central continent of Lezaria, located just north of the equator. It is the second largest landmass on the planet behind Zarhanna.


To the north of Kalor lies the Mirandarine Ocean, and to the south lies the Sea of Stars.

The largest country in Kalor is Hluseenia, making up much of the eastern portion of the continent, although it is largely uninhabited by humanoids. The most populated country is Hannaderres, the second largest country and situated in the center of the continent. Doralis makes up a large peninsula jutting off the northern coast, partially surrounding the Bay of Scalyr. The southern part of the continent is mainly desert, making up the country of Hlaya. In the western portion of Kalor are the smaller countries of Rascalanse, Flyland, and Dalizar. The island country of Unar lies off the northern coast.

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