Hluseenia is the largest and easternmost country in Kalor, on the world of Lezaria. Despite this, it is also the most sparsely populated. Most of those who live in Hluseenia are non-humanoid. Dragons inhabit the Chelseer Mountains, primarily the city of Anachelgada. Herds of Rahi and their horse kin roam the open grasslands. The only humans who live in the area are situated around the border to Hlaya.


The land is predominantly rolling hills and plains, crisscrossed by a number of rivers flowing into the massive Hluseena watershed. The Chelseer Mountains make up the eastern part of the country. Hluseenia is bound on the west by Hannaderres and Hlaya across the River Hluseena, and on the north, east, and south by ocean.

A magical node is located at Lake Mirror Cove, in the foothills of the Chelseer Mountains.


Once, humans attempted to settle the land, coveting the rich farmland of Hluseenia. They founded the city of Baynorthtown along the eastern banks of the River Hluseena. The dragons did not take kindly to the intrusion and drove the humans back to the other side of the river.

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