Hannaderres is the most populous country in Kalor, and the second largest in land area.


Hannaderres is situated toward the center of the continent, and is bounded on the east and southeast by the River Hluseena, on the north by the River Telfold and the Bay of Scalyr, and on the west and southwest by the Thorndelle Mountains. Neighboring countries are Hluseenia to the east, Doralis to the north, Hlaya to the south, and Rascalanse and Flyland to the west.

There are three major forests in Hannaderres: Seyletar Forest, Azkelya Forest, and the Forest of Torn Elkandu. There is also a large wooded valley in northwestern Hannaderres named Tanivalis.


Although Hannaderres is predominantly populated by humans, it is the most cosmopolitan of the countries in Kalor, boasting significant minorities of many races, especially in its largest city, Scalyr.

The region of Tanivalis has the highest population of teppers on Lezaria, primarily situated in and around the city of Port Fins.

The artistic heart of Kalor is the city of Fehndarlai.


In its early days, Hannaderres was split into two countries, Hamlet on the north, and Airies to the south. These kingdoms merged into what became Hamlet-Airies. The region now known as Tanivalis fell under rule of this country at some point afterward.

Western Hannaderres formerly had a large swamp called Wagmog Swamp, but it ceased to exist when its energy was absorbed into Elwin's Pike to give it its power.

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