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A half-elf is an individual of at least 25% elven descent. The remainder of the hybrid is usually, but not necessarily, human. Sidlavan Ehonthim is notably one-quarter elf, one-quarter orc, and one-half halfling. No documented instances of elf-dwarf or elf-gnome hybrids are known, although they are theoretically possible.

The offspring of shapeshifters are generally considered to be fully the race of the other parent. Half-dragon Khasadala Seer is considered merely an elf, not a half-elf, and the children of Thalayal and the werewolf Helkhar appeared to be elven, although they inherited Helkhar's green eyes. In that instance, however, considering them fully elven was also a political matter, since making their werewolf blood known would be admitting that they were illegitimate and that Thalayal's husband, Telkarnith Chelseer, was not actually their father.

Notable half-elves include:

  • Sedder
  • Aviel Tintallia
  • Kirlin Starfire
  • Sidlavan Ehonthim
  • Shiyana
  • Anara Chelseer
  • Thelsa Chelseer
  • Sharina Kell