Gnomes are a race of diminutive humanoids, around three to four feet tall. They are highly intelligent and very apt with both magic and technology, although they tend to have difficulty in focusing and forethought, resulting in their designs being dangerous and inefficient.[1]

There are settlements of gnomes scattered about the Elkandu Universe. The country of Mithim on the world of Lezaria is primarily inhabited by gnomes. They have lands of their own on Wilderplane. There are many of them on Straegarx in communities such as Watchyourstep. A number of them have taken up residence on Sasherey as well, since there aren't many who would bother them there.

Gnomes tend to speak quickly and babble off on tangents that other races often have difficulty in keeping up with.[2] Their surnames, if analyzed, are actually lengthy strings of expletives.[3]


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