Flyland is a country in western Kalor, on the world of Lezaria. It contains much good farmland, along with some forests.


Flyland is bound on the west by Dalizar, on the south by Rascalanse across the Reh'Tain Mountains, on the east by Hannaderres across the Thorndelle Mountains, and on the north by the Mirandarine Ocean.

The capital is Castle Selnus, and the largest city is Starton along the northern coast. The village of Enten lies along the main trade route to Hannaderres, not far from Deller's Canyon. The Forest of Elistora lies south of Selnus, and a minor node called Havensdale is nestled within it.


In its ancient days, Flyland was called Freestar, which was also the name of its primary city. Sardill took over the country by force and razed much of the city of Freestar, building Castle Selnus upon its the ruins.

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