Fire Magic, also known as pyromancy, is the Talent of creating and manipulating fire in all of its forms. Fire Magic is one of the most common of the elemental talents.

Like most elements, it is not highly regarded by most High Elkandu, although it's one of the more useful ones for attack. Most pyromancers who have attained any sort of recognition have augmented their powers with "better" talents such as Soul Magic, Catalysm, or Time Magic.

Fire Magic tends to be pretty straightforward. Pyromancers can create bolts, balls, rings, and walls of fire as they desire. Higher skill tends to allow better control. While some Fire Mages are weak enough to only be capable of lighting a candle, it takes control for a powerful pyromancer to do so without melting the entire candle in a fireball.

The aura color of Fire is a fiery red or reddish-orange, and its gemstone is the ruby.

Notable pyromancers include:

Talents Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Frost, Lightning, Healing, Death, Soul, Change, Seeking, Security, Motion, Illusion, Mind, Dream, Speech, Time, Void, Catalysm
Spells Teleportation, Soulfire
Concepts Aura, Mana, Node, Soul, Gemstones, Runes
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