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Elves are a race of humanoids with long, pointed ears, lithe bodies, and an aptitude toward magic. They make up the majority of the population of Lezaria as well significant minority in other worlds such as the Seven Planes.

There are a number of types of elves in various worlds, such as the song elves of Lezaria and the drow of Mezulbryst.


Elves were created during the War of Transformation by Harmony Kimchild. They were created by giving feline features to humans, in order to improve their agility, hearing, and eyesight, although the original template was based off a brief meeting Harmony had with Vistri. As one of the most intelligent and prominant of the morphs, elves became dominant leaders in Zarhanna, even though they were shunned in Albrynnia. A variety of elvish nations sprang up over the planes following the War of Transformation, all elves being notable by their pointed ears. Although the original elves and most Lezarian elves also have slitted eyes like a cat, these are less common on other planes where elvish blood is less pure.