The Elkandu Universe is the primary universe of the Serriyan Multiverse, the location of Torn Elkandu and the origin of the Elkandu.

The supreme deity of the Elkandu Universe was Shazmar during the heyday of the Elkandu. Sharina Kell briefly took over the universe during the War of Planar Dominance. Her main contribution was some organization and putting a stop to non-linear rebirth.

Shazmar eventually left the universe in the hands of Suzcecoz, which turned out to be a terrible idea as she handed the reins over to Jez'kai. Jez'kai removed rebirth and introduced an afterlife system instead.

Falk took over and ousted Jez'kai from the universe again. He implemented a number of changes, including shutting down Torn Elkandu and strengthening the Veil to reduce available levels of magic.

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