Drow are a race of elves, sometimes called dark elves, often considered to be always evil by other races. They have pitch black skin, typically red eyes, and hair color that ranges from white, silver, to copper.

As a race, drow often have innate Shadow Magic and Illusion Magic abilities, as well as infravision.


The drow were originally wood elves on Khizsalr. The term first came into use after Morring's influence had spread there, the wood elves becoming increasingly evil and earning the name dark elves. Most of the drow on Khizsalr were killed during the ensuing wars, and Morring went to Wilderplane and started up her campaign there instead.

The drow as they are known today came into existance on Wilderplane, when the first Curse reversed their pigmentation, giving them dark skin and light hair. This was to mark them for what they were, and distinguish them from the wood elves who had rejected Morring's creed. The wild elves, however, disliked this, as they were the original dark-skinned elves, and people often confused them with drow.

Around 4400, a second Curse was placed upon the drow by Sardill. This was to prevent any drow female from producing more than one child, to give the drow a great sensitivity to light, as well as a small blessing, a trace of Illusion Magic.[1]

Following this, many drow relocated through a portal to Mezulbryst and Straegarx, where they need not deal with sunlight.

Many attempts were made to break or circumvent the Curse. Crossbreeding with other races of elf was an option, although not a favored one.[2] The creation of the drowrings was another attempt, by which they transformed kidnapped girls of other races into drow.[3]

The Curse was eventually broken by Theryn Shadowhand.


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