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Donna Farmer is a human Healer, and the lover of Telkarnith Chelseer. She was later turned into a vampire.


Donna was born in 4199 in Ruolden Trisa in Hlaya to Marvel Farmer and Naira Sarn.

In 4210, when Telkarnith came to Ruolden Trisa to learn about shamanism, Donna assisted and became good friends with him.[1] They subsequently became lovers in 4215.[2]

In 4218, Donna gave birth to Telkarnith's bastard son, Sarril. The boy took his mother's name and his parentage wasn't publicly announced, but it was an open secret that Telkarnith had a human lover.

In 4225, Donna was turned into a vampire by Vadrak, who had captured her in order to get at his sometime enemy, Telkarnith.

In 4232, Telkarnith was slain by Vadrak, but his heir Shaznith used the magic blade Zarnith to seal Vadrak beneath the citadel of Westraldine. This broke Vadrak's remaining hold over Donna, freeing her.

In 4238, when Sarril was twenty years old, Donna turned him into a vampire. While she believed she was doing him a favor by granting him the gift of immortality, she had selfish reasons as well, as Sarril was the last thing she had left of her deceased lover.


Although a primary healer, Donna was also trained in general shamanism by her father.


Telkarnith Chelseer was her lover, and she adored him greatly.

Donna got on well with her parents, who accepted her relationship with Telkarnith without much complaint.

She had a somewhat rocky relationship with Telkarnith's wife, Thalayal, that eased up somewhat after Thalayal took the werewolf Helkhar as her lover.

She was close with her uncle, Winder Sarn, who frequently accompanied her on adventures, although his sister and brother-in-law believed him immature.

Family tree

two children