Daresa is a plane in the Elkandu Universe

Daresa has no moons and no sun. It consists of a single continent and several smaller islands in a vast ocean. The mainland is forested heavily on the western half, split by mountains toward the east and falling into a rocky desert. Fesirya Kren is located on an island off the northwest coast.

Daresa was created during the Age of Rogue Winds by Kestas, and originally time moved much faster on Daresa than the Seven Planes, where a full year would pass on Daresa for a single day on the Planes.

Some distance in the ocean west of Fesirya Kren lies Gemstone Island, where Sardill created the gemfolk.

During a dark period of Daresan history, a high elven Speaker named Aitur Starsinger was born in Fesirya Kren, who spurred the inhabitants of the plane to severe oppression of non-elven races, a large portion of them being killed before Aitur was finally deposed.

Daresa suffered badly during the Planar Wars, little of it being left, but was finally restored by Keolah in 4814. Before that point, she placed the Abyss there in a remote location far off in the ocean, in the hopes that most of the demons would have a difficult time harassing anyone from there. A large group of rebels from Mezulbryst, protesting against Riven's rule, also migrated to Daresa, under the protection of a ward that would keep him out.

Fesirya Kren ended up becoming the headquarters of Darkhammer, who chose the location because Jami could not go there. However, Keolah removed the ward in 4816, unbeknownst to the now-vulnerable demons.

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