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Conclave is a faction of the Elkandu that focuses on learning and preserving knowledge.

The Conclave was originally formed on Glassandia long before the Elkandu Crisis by a group of sages and wizards. During the late Age of Rogue Winds, they merged with the Zenkandu to create the Elkandu faction Conclave. Mika was the leader of Conclave, called the Oracle, for many years.

A militant group split off Conclave in later years, who utilize flying pirate ships to raid the Planes for books.

To end the War of Planar Dominance, Conclave surrendered to Tempest following the destruction of Darkhammer and Whitefire, knowing full well that Tempest wouldn't actually attempt to rule the universe.

The current leader of Conclave is a mensch by the name of Radha, following Mika's mysterious disappearance.

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