Change Magic, more usually called Changing, is the Talent of physical transformation and transfiguration. The scope and magnitude of alterations varies greatly from Changer to Changer.

Shapeshifters have Changing abilities that can only affect themselves. Werecreatures are limited to a single form or a handful of related forms, such as a werewolf being able to turn into a wolf and typical also a hybrid wolfman form. The pinnacle of self-transfiguration is the metamorph, whose powers are great enough that they're virtually unkillable by mundane attacks.[1]

True Changers are the rare individuals who are capable of altering the form of others as well as themselves.

The aura color for Change is brown.[2]

Notable Changers include:

Talents Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Frost, Lightning, Healing, Death, Soul, Change, Seeking, Security, Motion, Illusion, Mind, Dream, Speech, Time, Void, Catalysm
Spells Teleportation, Soulfire
Concepts Aura, Mana, Node, Soul, Gemstones, Runes


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