Albrynnia is the southernmost and smallest of Lezaria's three continents. It is located in the southern hemisphere roughly south of Kalor, and west of the Sunrise Islands


At the southern point, the city of Hledola is the largest city in Albrynnia, located on a peninsula at the entrance to Motherland Harbor on the eastern side. The western side of the bay comprises the sparsely-habited Rockpeak peninsula.[1]

The port city of Jaston lies at the northern side of the continent.

In the central area of Albrynnia lies the city of Sheenvale, separated from the northern region by the Mountains of Sorrow. South of Sheenvale, a smaller mountain range called the Reflective Mountains lies. Further east is the River Tatret.[2]

At the eastern side of the continent lie the Sunrise Mountains, and west of them lies Lake Sunrise.[3]


Albrynnia was colonized, like the rest of modern Lezaria, by a jumpship from Terra, this one containing dark-skinned humans.

The first great human civilization on Lezaria arose on Albrynnia, amongst independent city-states. The War of Transformation tore the continent apart and created a large variety of mutant beings[4], most of which did not remain on Albrynnia, but spread out to settle the other lands of Lezaria.

Millennia later, the Fall of Albrynnia came when Harmony Kimchild returned to her homeland and wrecked terror upon the people, transforming them at random. The Albrynnian Empire fell overnight, and people fled to Hlaya and the Sunrise Islands. She left the wild men alone, however, where they remained to the present day.

In 4324, Keolah and her companions found themselves stranded in Albrynnia due to a trap laid by Sardill.[5]


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